August 14, 2015

Decision Diamonds – Keep Your Sanity

When you link a goal or a sequence to two or more sequences, Infusionsoft will create a ‘decision diamond’.

Infusionsoft Decision Diamond

I find that decision diamonds are the most common reason for campaign screw-ups.

It is desperately easy to create a complicated decision diamond that do not work as intended and accidentally breaks a campaigns.

Today’s video is about creating decision diamonds that are simple and, straightforward.


August 7, 2015

Infusionsoft Opportunities Explained

This video looks at two of the most frequent errors when using opportunities in Infusionsoft.

Things to do

  1. Rename your pipeline stages (if needed).
  2. Set a concrete number of days for each stage
  3. Watch for opportunities that ‘get stuck’
July 31, 2015

Three Infusionsoft Campaign Organisation Tips

Managing your campaigns is easy when you have about five of them. But what happens once you have been using Infusionsoft for a while and have 50 or 100 campaigns?

Chaos, that’s what happens.

Today’s Confusion Clinic video shares three tips to defeat Infusionsoft campaign chaos.

Things to do

  1. Adopt a consistent campaign name syntax so your can filter your campaigns.
  2. Review your goal and sequence names
  3. Start an active campaign log

Infusionsoft Lead Scoring In Practice

Lead scoring is one of the most under-used tools in your Infusionsoft application. This video covers:

  • How to set up lead scoring
  • Whether lead scoring applies to broadcast emails, campaign builder emails, or both
  • How to use lead scoring to measure a customer’s purchase activity
  • How to use your lead scores to focus on your best prospects and customers

Things to do:

  1. Configure your lead scores
  2. Set up automation triggers based on your lead scores in the campaign builder
July 14, 2015

The Infusionsoft 7 Day Rule Explained

Let’s say you build out an email sequence in Infusionsoft. People sign up for your sequence, and the feedback you get is good.

Spurred on by initial success you draft out five emails to append to the end of the sequence.

All good, right?


Many of the contacts queued at the end of your sequence will not get your additional emails.

Find out why in this week’s Confusion Clinic TV:

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